Service and Panel Repairs

Service and Panel Repairs by Our Professional Team

Electrical work, both residential and commercial, start from the service lines coming into your location straight into electric service panels. The service panel wires deliver electricity for distribution to the circuits at your home or office. Common issues that occur within the service panel include tripped circuit breakers and burnt out screw-in fuses or cartridge fuses. If you cannot find the problem at the service receptacle, the problem is most likely at the service panel.

How Does an Electrical Service Panel Work?

The electrical service panel receives power from a utility company (or solar panels) and distributes that power through safety circuit breakers. This is the main panel or cabinet by which electricity is brought into the location and the power gets distributed through various branch circuits. The service panel receives power through three large wires – two hot and one neutral. The neutral connects to a neutral bus or common bar and the two hot wires connect to the main power shutoff.

Each of these two bars carries 120 volts and all circuit breakers or fuses in the service panel are connected to one or both of these bars. Breakers and fuses rated at 120 volts are attached to a single bar while 240 volt breakers or fuses are attached to both hot bars.

Common Problems With the Electrical Service Panel

Electrical service panels have many components, but two of these main components, circuit breakers and fuses, are designed to fail. Forming the fine line of electrical defense in your residential or commercial location, these electrical components will shut down before an electrical accident.

As you can imagine, electrical service panels are not for everyone to repair, so it pays to have the electrical professionals at JayDan Services to do your electrical work for you. Whether residential or commercial, JayDan can get you set up and can repair any electric issues that come up. We live where you live, so if you live in Newtown, New Hope, Yardley, Upper Makefield, Lower Makefield, or any of the surrounding areas in Bucks County, let JayDan Services help with your electrical needs.