Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts for Your Piece of Mind

Maintenance contracts are the ultimate piece of mind for any homeowner and can ensure that you have a licensed technician at the ready for any of your electrical needs. JayDan Services offers maintenance contracts for all of their generators so that you can rest assured that you are covered from any power outage. Beginning with top of the line equipment and parts, you will always sleep easy knowing that JayDan Services has your back with our maintenance contract service.

Maintenance ContractsOur factory trained and certified technicians are ready to troubleshoot, repair and perform routine preventive maintenance so that your home power system remains operating at peak performance. That way, when the power goes out, your automatic system powers itself on and you do not miss a beat. Select a maintenance contract that fits your needs and you can rest assured each and every night that you and your generator are protected.

Through the worst thunderstorms and snowstorms, power outages do happen at any time. Always expect the unexpected and be prepared to not have to live without electricity. Have JayDan Services install an emergency backup generator fueled by propane or natural gas. Go that extra mile and have your new backup generator turn on as soon as a power outage occurs and you will not miss a beat.

Not only do we offer sales, repair and installation of generators, we also offer the peace of mind that comes with know that your job was done by a licensed professional. Of course, you can always call us at (215) 595-5187 for our 24/7 emergency generators service.