Pumps – Sump Pumps, Pool Pumps, Sewer Pumps

Sump Pumps

Whether you need a professional sump pump, a submersible sump pump, or a residential or commercial model, JayDan Services can repair and install any type of pump system for you.

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collection site such as a basement that has a water basin that needs to routinely be emptied. If your basement is below your water table, it is very likely that you need a sump pump in your basement to divert the rain or natural ground water out of the basement. The water diversion takes the water from an area of danger to avoid basement floods and general dampness, which will ultimately lead to damage and/or mold. The water will get diverted to a municipal storm drain or a dry well.

Sump pumps are typically hard-wired into the electrical system, so it is important to have a licensed, experienced plumbing and electical team to repair and install sump pumps in your home. JayDan Services have master plumbers and electricians to help you out with your pump issues.

Sewer Pumps

Sewer pumps work in the same method as sump pumps, but are specifically used for on-site sewage systems. JayDan Services repairs and installs commercial and residential sewer pumps and systems so that you do not end up with a septic mess on your hands. There is nothing worse that can happen with a home that a septic system backing up. JayDan Services can ensure that this does not happen to you with their routine maintenance checks.

Pool Pumps

Specializing in in-ground swimming pool pumps for pools or spas, let JayDan Services service or install your new hot tub, spa, or swimming pool pump so that you can enjoy the new installation. Let us worry about the work and you just sit back and enjoy yourself.

Offering all of the best pool pumps out there, our expert technicians can have you back up and running in no time if you have a problem with your pool pump, or we can install a new pump for a new or existing pool or spa.

JayDan Services lives where you live in Bucks County, so let our family owned and operated team and technicians be your first and only stop for all of your pump needs – sump pumps, sewer pumps and pool pumps. Some of our service areas include Newtown, Yardley, Doylestown, Upper Makefield, Lower Makefield and any other surrounding township in Bucks County, PA.